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APRIL 1ST 2018

8am / (10am is FULL) / 12pm

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Can you believe it? Easter is this Sunday! We can’t wait to see what God is going to do. This is the PERFECT opportunity to invite someone! It’s been our experience that someone will say yes if you invite them to the Easter service.  We’re having three services.  8 AM  10 AM  NOON - Tickets are available in the lobby. Make sure to grab those before you leave today! This will help us make sure that we have a seat for your family and friends AND it gives you an easy way to invite someone.

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2590 W Morthland Dr. Valparaiso, Indiana.


GracePoint is Home. We love attending and the atmosphere is amazing, and welcoming. Sunday is the best day of the week. What they have done for the community is amazing, by giving a place that is built with love and care of the individuals that attend. We are truly blessed to have found a place such as GracePoint to call our Home.
— Elizabeth
My wife and kids started going a few weeks ago, they love adventure land and the service was awesome as well. We met Pastor Ben and he was a pretty down to earth guy. They are very inviting and all the volunteers are on hand to answer any questions....I will recommend grace point to everyone...
— Eric

I Love coming to this church. I feel at home when I’m here!
— Lauren
I love this church! I knew it was a church for me my very first visit! #Home #Family #Real
— Herb