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At GP Students our goal is to help every student experience the overwhelming love of God. We hope that every student can find a God who loves them and live into the calling God has given them NOW! 

We want to do three things well:

1. Make every student feel loved.

2. Help every student take a step toward Jesus.

3. Jouney with a student so they can follow Jesus for a lifetime.  


Here are a few ways that we structure our student group to create community for students:


Student group on sunday nights: 

Every Sunday night from 6:00-8:00PM we offer an experience for students to hang out, hear some great teaching, and experience a small group where they can be known by name. Each Sunday night is an experience created to deepen relationships and help students have a safe place to grow in their faith and to know they are loved. 


retreats and youth conferences:

Every semester we offer an incredible weekend trip to give students an experience they can't get anywhere else. In the fall we will do a retreat where students will get the chance to unplug for a weekend and grow in their faith.  Every spring we offer both a middle and high school youth conference trip. Students get to experience incredible environments and see over a thousand other teenagers seeking a deeper faith in Jesus. These weekends are often the catalyst for major faith changes and deep relationship building.


fun trips:

Another vital part of community is just having fun. We will do a few events throughout the year to just have fun together. Whether it involves lake parties in the summer or snow games in the winter, we love to have fun and get to know each student better.