First a personal hello from Pastor Ben!

The vision of GracePoint has always been to create a place where unchurched people would feel comfortable and we’ll do whatever we can, as long as it’s not illegal (wink), to make that happen. It’s a truly unique experience here. In fact, you could say it’s “a church for people who don’t like church.” No need to dress up; just be yourself, and, we promise, you’ll be comfortable. We also promise you don’t have to worry about standing out here. There are lots of different kinds of people around here. Besides, we keep the lights pretty dim in here, so you can be as anonymous as you want. 

 GracePoint is a place where perfect people don’t exist, because...there are no perfect people. So, you can bring your doubts and questions, wear whatever you want, and feel free to be yourselves. We set out to flip the script on this thing called “church.” We wanted to create an environment where everyone can just come as they are and be themselves. We’re all about relationships – loving God and loving people. And, if we can turn the world upside down in the process…great! Our hope is you find GracePoint fun, relevant, and that it makes a difference in your life. 

When our band hits the stage. You’ll probably hear a song or two you might know. And, there’s a chance, a couple you don’t. Sing along, if you wish or just listen, if you prefer. It’s all good. You may laugh a little. You might even tear up a bit. And, you’ll get the opportunity to hear a message straight from the Bible, which you can apply directly to your life. We work keep it simple!

Hope to see you Sunday!

~ Ben 

Coming to a new church can be overwhelming. There are a ton of questions! GracePoint Unpacked is a gathering of guests or people who have been with GP for a little that want to learn more. Want to know how your family will fit in? Need to know what we offer? Great questions that we have the answers to. take a moment to fill out the form below and let us know you'd be interested in attending the next GracePoint Unpacked.

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